Returning Donor

Biotest Plasma Donors are Real Superheroes!

We are thankful for the generous spirit of our loyal donors. Plasma can’t be manufactured and the life-saving proteins found in plasma can only be obtained from donors like you.  Your continued donations provide the raw material to create life-saving medicines and therapies for critically ill patients.

Plasma proteins are used to treat burns, bleeding disorders, shock, trauma, major surgery, Rh incompatibility, cardio pulmonary issues, organ transplants, pediatric HIV, hepatitis, liver conditions, animal bites, auto-immune and genetic diseases.

Friendly Reminders

  1. If your name or address have changed please let the receptionist know when you check in.
    Be sure to bring along with you:
  • a document with your Social Security number or an INS number (such as a SS card, W2, Form 1099 from a bank or financial institution)
  • a valid picture ID such as a driver’s license, passport, student or military ID with your current local address
  • current proof of local residency/address such as a utility bill in your name, recently postmarked letter, school ID.
  • If you have not donated plasma in 6 months or more you will be considered a New Donor. A physical exam will be required to re-qualify to donate.
  • Please be sure to tell us if you have traveled outside of the USA recently.
  • Let the staff know if you’ve had recent surgery, a tattoo or piercing, if you are taking new medication or are under a doctor’s care.

Thank you for donating!