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Prepaid Mastercard

The money you receive from your Biotest Plasma Center plasma donations is loaded onto your reloadable Biotest Prepaid Mastercard which provides enhanced security with easy record keeping.

You can use the cash in your card for online transactions, at ATM’s, at restaurants, for gas and virtually anywhere a credit or debit card is accepted. The card is a fabulous alternative to money for almost all transactions.

And, you can easily check your reloadable Biotest Prepaid Mastercard balance by phone, text or online before using your card each time, so you’ll always know how much money you have on your balance. Plus, your Biotest Prepaid Mastercard is protected by “Zero Liability” if ever lost or stolen.

Learn more about your Biotest Prepaid Mastercard by reading the Frequently Asked Questions brochure.

Biotest Prepaid Mastercard

Your Biotest Prepaid Mastercard now has improved fees! Learn more about this by viewing the Fee Schedule.

To manage your Biotest Prepaid Mastercard login here.