Donor Stories

We thank Biotest Plasma donors from across the United States for their commitment to saving lives.
These actual donors share how donating plasma has rewarded their lives.


Mike donates plasma because he wants to do good. The urgent need for plasma hits close to home. His son-in-law suffers from hemophilia which is treated with plasma-based protein therapies. Mike has donated over 1,000 times and continues to help people while inspiring others to donate. The “How is Your Day?” PPTA program raises awareness…


Our donors are so important to us. That’s why we love hearing stories like this. Cylina Slajda (left) enjoys donating at Biotest Ft Myers. “It seems like just yesterday that a friend of mine asked me to go with her to donate.


Meet Our December 2016 Donor of the Month John Gardner III!
John has been a loyal Biotest donor since July 2015 with over a 100 donations at the center.


Congratulations to our November Donor of the Month Richard Leonetti . Always very pleasant and polite, Richard has been donating at the Augusta, GA Biotest Plasma Center since 2013. Mr. Leonetti currently has completed 249 donations!


Please join us in congratulating Jacqueline A. on being nominated as our November Donor of the Month! Jackie has been donating faithfully since July 2016 and has completed 24 successful donations!


Brian Doyl is the October 2016 Biotest Brookings Donor of the Month!
Brain has been actively donating with Biotest Brookings since July 2016 and has completed 17 donations.


Meet our Donor of the Month Lonna Mackey!
Lonna has been donating for over 10 years now. She has 650 donations with our center and says that she originally started donating because she was

Anthony and Karen

Anthony and Karen Yapp are the September 2016 Biotest Royal Palm Beach Donors of the Month.
Anthony and Karen have been donating plasma at Biotest for over two years.


Jordan Detz is the September 2016 Biotest Orlando Donor of the Month.
Jordan has been donating at the center since July of this year, and has already completed 20 donations.


The Biotest Jacksonville September Donor of the Month is Isiah Strong.
Isiah has been a long time donor. He began donating plasma with NABI years ago when the plasma


Congratulations to Chontel on being nominated as our September 2016 Donor of the Month! Chontel has completed over 21 donations with us since May 2016.