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Plasma Products

How is My Plasma Used?

The source plasma collected at our Plasma Centers is used as raw materials world-wide for the production of life saving biopharmaceutical products. These products are composed primarily of plasma proteins that include clotting factors, gamma globulin, albumin, and others.

  • Albumin – Treats burn, trauma and surgery patients. Albumin solutions, prepared from plasma, are used to expand plasma volume in cases of shock, post-burn therapy, and correction of protein loss that may follow major surgery, or trauma.
  • Clotting Factors – Persons with Hemophilia as well as others with blood clotting disorders are largely dependent on concentrates prepared from plasma.  Antihemophilic Factors VIII and IX and Prothrombin Complexes are used in the treatment of Hemophilia A, Hemophilia B and von Willebrands disease as well as inhibitors.
  • Tetanus Immune Globulins – Used to provide protection to an individual who has been exposed to Tetanus. This organism is found in soil and feces and can be potentially fatal to the exposed person.
  • Rabies Immune Globulin – Used to provide passive protection to individuals who have been exposed to rabies, an acute viral disease that attacks the brain via the body’s central nervous system.  This disease is carried in the saliva of animals such as bats, skunks, raccoons, cats and dogs, and is most commonly transmitted through a bite by an infected animal.  Unless treated, rabies is in most cases fatal.
  • VZV Immune Globulin – Used to provide protection and treatment to immuno-compromised individuals (newborns, dialysis patients, and organ transplant patients) who have been exposed to the Varicella Zoster Virus. This virus is found in individuals who have diseases such as Chicken Pox or shingles.
  • CMV Immune Globulin – Used to provide protection to individuals who have been exposed to the Cytomegalovirus. This virus is most commonly transmitted through human contact but can also be transmitted through transfusions and pregnancy. A CMV infection can cause serious complications in immunocompromised patients, but is usually nonsymptomatic in healthy individuals.
  • Immune Globulin – IV – Used for the treatment of patients with congenital (primary) or acquired antibody deficiencies, as well as for patients with autoimmune diseases.