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isiahstrong-jacksonville_rBiotest Plasma Center Jacksonville

The Biotest Jacksonville September Donor of the Month is Isiah Strong.

Isiah has been a long time donor. He began donating plasma with NABI years ago when the plasma center was located on New Bridge Street in Jacksonville. He wanted to try and see what it was like. He said a friend had told him about it. Then he met Johana and fell in love with the people in the center. Isiah says, “I feel like family when I come in and donate.” Isiah loves helping people and appreciates that the plasma he donates goes to helping those in need.

We asked Isiah, “What keeps you coming back?” He said, “The friendly smiles from the staff and the welcoming atmosphere.” He enjoys meeting new people and visiting with friends he has met while donating plasma. He says he feels safe and comfortable here because the center is clean and the staff is professional.

Isiah wants everyone to know that donating plasma is not just about the compensation, it’s about saving lives and that what really matters to him.

Thank you, Isiah for your many plasma donations. We hope that you continue donating plasma with Biotest for many more years. We appreciate you!


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