Learn more about becoming a plasma donor and the donation process.

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Benefits of Donating Plasma

People Helping PeoplBenefits of Plasma Donations - Help Save Lives - Earn Extra Moneye

Plasma is the essential starting material needed to manufacture therapies that help individuals with rare, chronic and often genetic diseases lead healthier and more productive lives. These unique medicines are vital to help save the lives or improve the quality of life for people worldwide.

Many people who were apprehensive before their first plasma donation have become regular donors after discovering that donating plasma is safe and easy. People who donate plasma on a regular basis help to meet this worldwide demand for plasma and the life saving medicines made from it.

Millions of critically ill infants, children, and adults whose lives depend on plasma donors cannot thank you personally for your donation, but you have the satisfaction of knowing that your donations make a big difference for many thousands of people suffering from a host of life-threatening conditions.

For actual patient stories and to learn how plasma donations directly impact patients, please visit donatingplasma.org.


Biotest Plasma donors get paid for donating plasma and for the time they devote to improving the quality of life of others. For details on compensation, please  contact your local Biotest Plasma Center.

Friends Helping Friends

Refer your friends and family to donate their life-saving plasma to receive additional compensation The more friends and family you refer, the more you’ll be rewarded! For details on the referral program, please contact your local Biotest Plasma Center.

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