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March Promotion: BE THE 1™ Campaign

Exciting News!

Biotest Plasma Centers is teaming up with Abbott, international soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo and PPTA to be part of the BE THE 1™ Donor campaign.

Donate plasma, donate blood and save lives.

During the month of March, Biotest Plasma Centers will encourage our donors to BE THE 1™ to make a difference for others.

BE THE 1™ to help save the lives’ of others.

BE THE 1™ to become a Superhero for others and encourage those around you to donate plasma too.

BE THE 1™ to be a proud Biotest plasma donor.

Follow These Steps:

Donate 6 times in the month of March and when you make your 6th donation, you will receive a BE THE 1™  pin.

Post a selfie on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #BeThe1Donor to share that you donated
(this is optional)

Share the following Plasma Facts with your friends so they can join the BE THE 1™ movement with you!

  • 1200 plasma donations are needed to treat one patient for hemophilia. 1
  • It takes more than 130 plasma donations to treat one patient with a primary immune deficiency. 2
  • Key uses for plasma include burn patients, shock and bleeding disorders. 3

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